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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car window regulator?

This is the mechanism located inside the door panel which allows the car window to be raised or lowered. They can be either manual, where a handle will be used to move the glass or electric window regulators are driven by a motor controlled by a switch inside the vehicle. There are a number of different types of window regulator, but most either use wire cables or a gear system to lift or lower the window.

Why has my car window regulator stopped working?

A slower up or down window action, no movement at all or a grinding noise when the window switch button is pressed will indicate there is problem with the car window regulator.

If the vehicle window regulator is electric, the problem could be caused by the following:

  • - The mechanism (you hear the sound of the motor, but it does not move the window. Also if the regulator has failed the glass may drop into the door panel)
  • - The electric motor (there is no sound at all when you press the window switch. This could mean the motor has seized or has worn over time)
  • - Electrical fuse or wiring (Nothing happens when you press the window switch button but the glass is still in position)

How do i replace a car window regulator?

To replace a damaged or a failed window regulator you will need to remove the inner door card panel to gain access to the internal components of the door. Once this is off you can inspect the regulator and unbolt the glass & motor from the regulator. Lifting the glass out will allow access to remove the regulator via mounting points. We have lots of helpful videos on our 'How To Videos' Help Page.

Will this regulator fit my car?

If you are unsure about fitment, please call us on 01772 590330 with your vehicle registration and we can confirm this for you. In order to select the correct window regulator for your vehicle, you must match the vehicle make (VW, Audi, BMW etc), the Model and check that the year of your car fits into the year range we have stated. You must also verify the assembly side required (left for the driver and right for the passenger), with or without a motor and whether or not there is a comfort function. Note whether the model of window regulator is intended for installation in a 3-door, 5-door, Estate, Coupe or Convertible version.

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